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Nida Allm

With Brighter Future PAC, Durham County Commissioner Nida Allam launches an effort to elect more progressives to local office across North Carolina. As a young, first-time candidate for office, Nida found that it was tough to fundraise and run a campaign without traditional political networks or support. Brighter Future PAC will support progressives across the state to build long-term power and a new progressive bench of candidates and elected officials.

After successfully defending Governor Cooper's veto in 2022, now we're working to build a war chest to support progressive candidates so that we can expand Democratic power in NC and protect our abortion rights.

meet the 2022 brighter future candidates

Carla Catalan-Day

Carla Catalán Day


House District 74 in western Forsyth County is one of the most competitive seats in the state—in 2020, President Joe Biden lost the voters of this district by less than 800 votes. With all that's at stake in North Carolina this year, Carla Catalán Day is poised to flip this seat and protect the Governor's veto. Her campaign is prioritizing the needs of working families, and her experience as a public health advocate will be an incredible asset in the General Assembly next year. She will also be the only Latina in the House.

In the House, Carla will prioritize a people's platform that focuses on ensuring our system—from democracy to the economy to healthcare—works for every North Carolinian, not just the wealthy few.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Nida Allam! She continues to be a strong leader in Durham as the first Muslim woman elected to public office in North Carolina. Im excited to work alongside her as we fight for a North Carolina that works for all instead of the wealthy few!” – Carla

Rep. Ricky Hurtado

Rep. Ricky Hurtado


Rep. Ricky Hurtado is a trailblazer, serving as the only Latino in the NC House of Representatives since flipping House District 63 in 2020. This year, his district remains extremely competitive, and it will take all hands on deck to ensure that he is reelected to his seat. Joe Biden won the voters in the redrawn HD-63 by just over 1,000 votes, and it's critical that Democrats turn those voters out again for Ricky in 2022.

Since winning election, Ricky has been crucial in preserving the Governor's veto, answering the challenge of Covid-19 recovery, and fighting to build an economy that works for everyone. Additionally, he has provided an important voice to the growing Latinx community in NC and has worked hard to build political power for this group.

“Nida Allam is a friend and a champion for working families! I admire her work to increase the minimum wage, make housing more affordable, and mobilize voters across NC. Nida fights for all of us—Im grateful you have my back, Nida!” – Ricky

Rep. Marcia Morey

Rep. Marcia Morey


Residents of Durham have long known Rep. Marcia Morey as a progressive fighter, championing juvenile justice reform as Chief Judge of the 14th Judicial District before joining the legislature in 2017. She has stood fast as an important voice against Republican extremism in the legislature since, and made headlines during the 2022 primary by standing up against Islamophobia and dark money even when it was politically inconvenient to do so.

Rep. Morey represents, in many ways, the best of what North Carolina politics has to offer. As a critical part of the fight for a brighter future, she can always be counted on to stand up for reproductive freedom, free & fair elections, gun safety, working families, and public education.

“I am proud to have Nida Allams endorsement. Like me, Nida is dedicated to building a stronger and more equitable community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can do this!” – Marcia

Diamond Staton-Williams

Diamond Staton-Williams


Diamond Staton-Williams knows exactly what it is to fight for a seat a the table. As the first Black women to serve on the Harrisburg Town Council, she has spent the last five years giving a voice to those who have traditionally struggled to be heard.

Now, she's stepping up and running to represent House District 73, a highly-competitive seat that is trending toward Democrats along with the rest of Cabarrus County. Although Republicans have traditionally held this seat, in the 2020 redistricting cycle it was redrawn into a district that Joe Biden won by less than 5 points in 2020, making it one of our best opportunities to gain ground. By electing Diamond, we can shore up the Governor's veto and defeat one of the most virulently anti-abortion Republicans running this cycle.

I’m grateful for Commissioner Allam’s endorsement of my campaign! We know being ‘the first’ as women of color, representation matters and this is why we answer the call to serve.” – Diamond

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